Company Information

We are manufacturer and supplier of Stair Tiles situated in ceramic city MORBI (Gujarat). Company has established in the year of 2015 with the aim of providing innovative concepts for staircase. Stepriser tiles is first choice of Ceramic Dealers, Distributors, Builders, Architecture and interior designer. We always surprised the market with providing matchless creation of stair tiles. We care and love what we do.


To become the most preferred Brand in Ceramic Industry. Inspire creativity and passion to exceed customer expectations in quality & product range. To remain as a leader in product innovations with cutting edge technologies. Looking at our past, we have always surprised the market with matchless creations that the customers have dreamed. We are continuously pushing the horizons of Innovativeness for the heavenly conception that will help mankind accomplish their imagination.



Every organization needs growth but growth is the outcome of actions taken in the right direction, at the right time; and the vision is the blue print for all the actions you take. So today if STEPRISER is touching the skies of success, it is directly proportional to the efforts that we have put under a noble vision i.e. Innovative Ideas, Improved Life.

Who We Are

Which is selective but consistently significant and spacial. So is with the artfulness of LOGWAY CERAMICA. LOGWAY CERAMICA STEP RISER is synonymous with commendable quality Step-Riser that re-define the spender of a wonderfully worked space. Situated in Morbi, a town perceived as the 'Paris of India' given it is the real production of tiles in the country, LOGWAY Ceramica Tile is recognized as a standard for development. Accompanied by ISO 9001 certified techniques of production, LOGWAY Ceramica Border Tiles is renewed for the production of tiles that provide finesse, style and quality. Thus over the years, our company has built a huge customer base and a reputation for both the brand and its products. Hence India's largest ceramic tile manufacturer, supplier and exporter company. We supply and export border tiles from Mizoram, West Bengal, Tripura, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh (AP), Bihar, Punjab, India, step riser, Rangoli floor tiles. As well as providing the best tiles in the business, we have our own R&D team of Logway ceramic tiles. Trying to offer new items, new plans and the prospects of our esteemed customers are investigating every possibility with a more expensive quality item. We are step and riser, pamper strips, poster series and kitchen series aggregation entrant and exporter. Thus we produce high quality products. We constantly show our commitment to making tiles on the wall of the stairs. In addition we use high technology and latest machinery to make the leading design accurate. We offer products at the best prices. We have a team of creative designers who work with us according to the latest trends. We are technically powered products.


We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of step & riser, wood strips, poster series and kitchen series. We produce high quality products. So we constantly show our commitment to making tiles on the wall of the stairs. We use high technology and latest machinery to make the leading design accurate. Thus we offer products at the best prices. In addition we have a team of creative designers. Which works with us according to the latest trends. We are technically powered products.

Our Global Market

As we can see, there is a huge demand for different types of products around the world. Today, India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Thus taking on the responsibility of meeting the market demand by supplying a specific product to their destination, Tiles India IMPX sows its seeds to grow all the fruit trees, the branches of which reach all over the world.

Research & Development

The artistry of this simplicity is such that it is always new even though it is timeless. So to achieve this level of maturity we need to question the purpose of our existence and really understand who we are building for. Which is world class machinery all over the world. Thus our products are precisely made with precision. We are dedicated to R&D Labs to constantly innovate and bring our new range of products to market to maintain our competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve. In addition we have raised the bar not only for high competition, but also for ourselves.

Quality Control

Quality is the main strength of our product, so we are a reputable step riser tiles manufacturer. Thus we have a professional team. Which is hardworking and motivated to provide innovative solutions according to marketing requirements. We provide quality products with high quality service and respect the value for money for customers. Through which the company believes in achieving customer satisfaction by making promises as well as our reputation for delivering orders on time. And we also procure high raw materials. In addition we also ensure that the product is purchased from reliable sources.

100% Made In India

During this decade, India has been at the forefront in various fields. So we are proud to say that this initiative by Logway Ceramica will be considered among them. Thus all our designs and products are to be exported worldwide.

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